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  1. are there any newds about your topic how like make a little essay about your experience ... there may be others like you
  2. i could never figure it out... i thought ok its a spare part scanner (have another working) then one day i thought about upgrading the gpa-23 boards on the working scanner so ill tried using the dsp cards from the problematic scanner i found out that 1 DSP Chip has an error message CODE 1 (dows anybody know what is means exactly ?) so ill tried to repaisr it with another gpa-23 now i cant even get to the imagebox first error message ie1394 cant connect to image box (cant see the scanner EZ in device manager in windows 2000) manual states it could be a broken gmb-23 or power supply i already checked the other GIE-23 (works in other scanner) Toshiba (works with the other scanner) my powersupply looks like this (LEDs) what do you think GMB or Powersupply ?
  3. hi guys i have weired image error its always on the same spot (place) and happens every two images (sometimes more) so if it is on frame 2 4 6 8 .... i can reverse the film (scan from last to first image) then the error is on frame 1 3 5 7 .... i could get away with it and just scan 2 times but sometime the error is on even more frames it wont change with resolution ... phattern stays the same ... same place any clues ? do i need a gpa 23 ? (who has one) do i need a gle 23 ? (who has one)
  4. so can a stand alone fuji sp 3000 scan with 8x times pixel shifting ? what is the highest scan from a 35mm or 6x9 frame ? manual says 8192 × 6144 is possible with 8x times 4096 × 3072 is possible with 4x times anybody used it this way ?
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