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  1. After a software upgrade of the colorimeter unit everthing works fine. Thank you very much, Minilab service!
  2. Thank you very much for your suggestions, Minilab service. Now I am a big step further. I changed the two PCI LVDS/Arcnet PCBs (had to change the dip switches). And connected first only PC and D-ICE Control PCB. Connection ist ok. I connected the other fibre optic cables and the connection is still ok. Just the Colorimeter unit now has a connection problem. As far as I have seen there is only a serial connection on COM1 to the colorimeter. I did not change anything there.
  3. Thanks for your support Minilab service. It's a bit complicated. Twelve years ago it was a QSS-3212 with a S4 scanner. A year ago a noritsu technician removed the S4 and converted it into a HS-1800A. The scanner is no longer connected to the QSS-3212. The QSS-3212 worked fine until a few weeks ago there was a harddisk failure in the RAID 0. With a new disk at the Fasttrak controller (I did'nt make a new RAID 0, I just put one harddisk in) I installed the Windows 2000 recovery CDs and the QSS-3201/3202/3203 Software Version 6.00.013. And then I got the "6901-0010 ARCNET communication error. Scanner AFC" After a hint in this forum I now knew that I have to install the QSS32Pro software. As the technician did not leave a recovery of this software, I got the file from Noritsu, and they said I have just to install it. But then I got the new Arcnet Errors, I mentioned above. I did remove the LVDS/Arcnet boards in the device manager (I have two boards, both have LVDS cable connected, but only the above one has fibre optics cable connected to the D-ICE controller board). After a reboot the driver version ist 4.6.2004.0 (same as it was before the reboot). When I tried to make a software update manually it shows everything except the Colorimeter Unit "without option" (Processor, Printer, Auto film carrier, etc.). The system version check shows Main with 9.03S.001 2008.10.27 / 6.00-001, Colorimeter Unit with 1.006 and NMC (Net Order) with 9.03S.001 (NetOrder API Ver. 2.03.00 00) Everything else (Image Processing PCB, Image Correcting PCB, Printer, Processor, D-ICE Contoll PCB, Laser, etc.) is empty. The self check shows a "Device Control Error" on the PCI-LVDS/ARCNET and errors on all PCBs.
  4. The recovery was necessary because of a harddisk failure some weeks ago. Noritsu, where I got the software from, cannot help. They think it's a hardware issue and will only send a technician. Has it something to do with the initial data?
  5. I did a recovery of Windows 2000 (with the recovery CDs from Noritsu) and installed the "QSS-32Pro Main System Program Vers. 9.03S" Now I get Arcnet Errors "6901-0008 Arcnet communication error. Processor" and "6901-2289 Arcnet communtication error. Printer, Processor, Image Processing PCB, LASER, D-ICE Control PCB" I never had Arcnet errors before and all the cables and connections look good and I cannot find any dust in the connectors. The LVDS/Arcnet drivers in the Device Manager are the right ones from Noritsu-Koki. Any ideas?
  6. Hi yustas, I get the error "yustas cannot receive messages" if I try to contact you.
  7. @yustas: there is no scanner anymore. @Dave S: Thank you for the information. I will try to get the software from Noritsu. The technician who removed the scanner must have installed this software, but he didn't leave a recovery. I only have the three Windows 2000 recovery CDs and the QSS-32xx installation CD.
  8. Hi, I have the error "6901-0010 ARCNET communication error. Scanner AFC" on a QSS3212. I had to do a fresh install because of a harddisc failure. There is no Scanner connected to the machine (but it had been delivered with a scanner twelve years ago). How can I get rid of this error?
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