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  1. please quote to ingenieriafotografica@hotmail.com
  2. German Tirado Montoya

    Kodak DP2

    send me mail to ingenieriafotografica@hotmail.com also if you have ms 13 option software and msp46 or msp48 please reply asap thank you an have a good day
  3. yustas could you quote the fuji dx 100 adjustment software please my mail (ingenieriafotografica@hotmail.com) please reply asap
  4. i need complete cd and bf racks, thankboard, 24v power supply, lcd, paper feeders, cpu
  5. i can help you installing but ned in exchange the copy of the msp48
  6. i need ms48 could you reply if you can send me to my email ingenieriafotografica@hotmail.com
  7. send me email to ingenieriafotografica@hotmail.com
  8. only service manual but depend of the error may i help you
  9. hi ray i can repair your board for 500 usd, guaranteed!..
  10. -dust over the lens deny pass trhu the ligh from the llcd -there because of movement of the torrent unfortunatelly rotate a little the polarized filter -faulty llcd -flicker adjustment (based on the lines over the gray area)
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