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  1. Hi Friend; For Frotier 370 part of fuji Frotier 370 in laser unit (Attached file) i am not sure call Focusing len or not in laser unit. I need the good price. Anyone call send to me. And who know call this part please tell me. Thank you.
  2. Menu 5.4.11 (45C) Laser Exposure check to turn on the light of R G B laser. How i can turn-on only Blue laser. Thank you.
  3. How ican check the rihgt of mirror position.
  4. I change new laser unit but occoured Sos detection failed. How i do it what happen?? i have to make something when i change new laser unit. please tell me urgent. thank you.
  5. sunsleep01

    Upkeep Ng

    hi friend; i use Frontier350 and AD300 when i make condition setup i click the "initialize" before is ok. But when i upkeep do not have "initialize" always NG. How i can do it with upkeep paper in everyday in the morming.
  6. 1. Move the cursor to "Order of drifted colors for main scanning" and enter the drifted color order from the left recorded in " Main Scanning Position Adjustment/Laser Beam Sync * Order of drifted colors for main scanning ( Vertical) CMY 2. Move the cursor to "Order of drifted color for main scanning" and enter the drifted color order from the top recorded in "Main Scanning Position Adjustment/Laser Beam Sync * Order of drifted color for sub scanning (horizontal) CMY I do not understand No.1 From the left recorded but Vertical ??? No.2 From the top recorded but Horizontal ???
  7. Hi everyone; Coaxial cable as connect from FMC20 board to Aom driver/ Aom driver to Aom if i need to change it i can buy general coaxial or not ? coaxial have 50 and 75 ohm, thickness and thin. which one i can buy. Is it have the effect of quality of photo?. If i use good coaxial with normal coaxial it is different or not in quality? Thank you.
  8. Thank you very much. I have more understand before change laser unit. It is more expensive i have to carefully to do. thank you.
  9. It is good for backup. Can i back up to cd rom or flash drive because i do not have floppy disk. when i backup data it is read in floppy disk drive. Thank you
  10. Thank you very much for your answer. If I change the second laser to LP1500 and setting is OK After that I need to put the old laser (not change anything). Do I have to setting again?. Frontier will remember the setting in the last laser unit or rememer the setting depend on laser unit. thank you.
  11. Hi everyone; I would like to known when i have to change new laser unit of Frontier350 what i have to setting any function on FMPC or LP1500. I am afraid old setting have effect with new laser unit. Please suggest me. thank you.
  12. i am not sure about this problem but you can check about laser beam sync in Setup and Maintenance menu.
  13. sunsleep01


    Hello Everyone!! My AD100 densitometer have problem. I would like to know can I buy AD200 or AD300 for use with frontier 350?. AD100 AD200 AD300 what is different for quality. which one i should buy. Who have the price for me Send to my email ddrr2519@hotmail.com. Thank you.
  14. I used Frontier350 Some photo have stain color like attached file. Photo before print not have stain. This cause occured with small pixel of photo like mobile phone that use app to retouch. What happen?. Anyone know this problem. Please share the knownledge to me. Thank you.
  15. How to clean the glass of laser unit and which point that important. Can i use general Fabric cleaning len camera or soft brush ?. What causes the laser head valid for shorter. I would like to know the price of glass to change in the further. where i can find.
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