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  1. Back in January 31 2019 after two weeks without preparing a cartridge it finally asked for it. Also, strangely enough, the P2R-A and P2R-B did not empty during this time. Had to drain them from the replenishment tanks so it could finally start preparing the cartridge. Everything went normal after that. I believe the Frontier 370 asked for the cartridge after the P1 replenishment went almost empty, though in January 15 2019 it was low and it did not prepare the cartridge. And that, is the update, thank you for tuning in.
  2. can you help me my Frontier 340 shows E-2514 error . I checked the continuity of all harness between the laser and JML circuit board  with the multimeter everything is perfect. no fuse is broken on the LDD card, the failure can come from where? 

    1. everQuestion


      To be honest i have never experienced something like that. I don't know how to solve it. Sorry

  3. Hello there. Four years late! Update: it happened again. Had so little work in the last 3 weeks that when the levels reach the bottom the Frontier 370 did not go to "MIXING" and had to manually do the cartridge preparation. So, what we did is that we placed the cartridge in "Normal" and it got punched, dripping the chemicals down the machine. Put them to clean the valves of each and all got filled up. However, i think i missed a step or something because the P1R did not go up on the upper level, just the lower level. So far the machine is working normal on that. Will have to wait till the next time the machine prepares a cartridge. Back to you, Tom
  4. Hello there. We have been around here since 2014 and here we are now. The E-2530 has been popping up since 3 days ago. Luckily it only stops us during morning upkeep check. We have been clearing it by blowing air to the upper and lower cutter, blowing air to the print area and last but not least, rewinding both paper magazines, closing the door and initializing again. So far the error only pops again when he have to open the top door at the print section. We have not opened up the machine to check the LDD220 PCB (i think that is the name) and see if there is some dust on the connectors, but i am afraid that the E-2530 is the beginning of something worst. Is the LDD220 easy to acquire? Is it costly? So far the Frontier 370 has been handling soundly after 7 years and i hope that it lasts longer.
  5. Started having this same problem with the Frontier 370. It's so weird. We blew some air to the print area, the cutting sections and sometimes the error E-2530 gets cleared out, sometimes it doesn't. The last thing that worked was rewinding both paper magazines, open the door, and close it to initialize. It gets cleared sometimes but i am fearing one day it will not clear out.
  6. Wow, feels risky but we have to try. Also about the CD rack we don't usually move it around unless there is a repair required. Thanks and sorry for so much questions lately. It's been a scary time to be honest, and we're not even 2 days away from Halloween yet! (alright that was a bad joke)
  7. After two days of working wonders we got the 100V POWER FAILURE again. I am getting a small tinge of burnt plastic. We turned OFF everything and the main break as well. I am fearing the worst.
  8. Alright. The cutter error goes away. Now i am kind of worried that the menu goes like this: MAIN MENU -> FLOPPY. There is no Standard Setting option anymore. Tried using the SHIT + - + password but it gets rejected. Getting the EE-PROM error every time i turn on the machine. Beyond that the processor is fine. Wondering if we have to change a battery or something from the EE-PROM, like other computers and such?
  9. There's a problem with the left cutter right now. The Standard Setting is not appearing right now, not sure what is going on. Maybe when the left cutter issue goes away we can do the EE-PROM initialize. Will show any progress as soon as the left cutter issue disappears. So fart thank you for all this support. Without the update we would be here!
  10. Error 057 "EEPROM ERROR Initialize Data" Got to initialize the EEPROM? Is it safe? Put a 135mm roll to develop. Came out nicely. A bit dirty because it spent a month turned on irregularly but besides that seems alright! Got a left cutter error but we can manage to fix that
  11. Alright, got some news. Made the update after removing the IMZ file that got there i don't know how. After finishing the update an EPROM error appeared but also, all heaters turned on as well! We are running into some trouble with the left cutter but we are testing the first roll to be developed in 31 days! Stay tuned!
  12. What is the RA Software? Was that meant to be loaded when i tried to make the update?
  13. Greetings once again. Took me some days to find a good floppy. Copied the files from the extractor to the disk because i tried to write directly on the floppy from the VSeries exe and it detected some errors. Tried to make an update but after choosing language #4 the screen went blank then completely dark and got back to the beginning with the thermosensor error. Should i read the disk? Or what was the thing to do? Sorry for my confusion :/ So, how do i load the RA Software??
  14. Alright, just confirmed it. It is a V50 SM. Now to find a floppy disk. Luckily i have a floppy drive in handy around here
  15. We have a V100 machine that had a "100V POWER FAILURE" message, it stopped heating the chemicals and the Dryer stopped working. And, after checking the manual, we figured out it may have 1 or more of 4 problems. Either the Power PCB 1, Power PCB 2, Main Control PCB and/or the Transformer went down. After analyzing the circuits we noticed 4 SSRs from the Power PCB 1 blew out and decided to change it thinking it was the only problem it had. We also supposed they just blew because it had TONS of dust over it. We checked the configuration it had, bought a new one, put the same jumper configuration and connected it exactly like the previous one was connected, but after changing it the problem didn't disappear . We have a spare V50 (that's missing many gears, racks and the Drive Motor), and they both share (or supposedly share) the same Power PCB 2 and Main Control PCBs, so this morning we changed them, again copying the original configuration from the V100. And the problem did disappear, but other ones came out. The machine says the Thermosensors for the STB1 and STB2 are not working and it's still not heating the chemicals for any of the tanks. The odd thing is that, checking the manual, the V100 doesn't have a thermosensor for the STB1 nor the STB2, just for the STB3 and that one is working well. Also, some of the menus are different from the way we had them before. Our supposition is that the PCB board software, despite being the same model, has to be reconfigured so it can identify correctly the machine and start working all right, but we don't know how to do the reconfiguration or even if that is the problem. Hope someone can help us out ! Thanks to everyone in advance !
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