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  1. Alright, just confirmed it. It is a V50 SM. Now to find a floppy disk. Luckily i have a floppy drive in handy around here
  2. We have a V100 machine that had a "100V POWER FAILURE" message, it stopped heating the chemicals and the Dryer stopped working. And, after checking the manual, we figured out it may have 1 or more of 4 problems. Either the Power PCB 1, Power PCB 2, Main Control PCB and/or the Transformer went down. After analyzing the circuits we noticed 4 SSRs from the Power PCB 1 blew out and decided to change it thinking it was the only problem it had. We also supposed they just blew because it had TONS of dust over it. We checked the configuration it had, bought a new one, put the same jumper configuration and connected it exactly like the previous one was connected, but after changing it the problem didn't disappear . We have a spare V50 (that's missing many gears, racks and the Drive Motor), and they both share (or supposedly share) the same Power PCB 2 and Main Control PCBs, so this morning we changed them, again copying the original configuration from the V100. And the problem did disappear, but other ones came out. The machine says the Thermosensors for the STB1 and STB2 are not working and it's still not heating the chemicals for any of the tanks. The odd thing is that, checking the manual, the V100 doesn't have a thermosensor for the STB1 nor the STB2, just for the STB3 and that one is working well. Also, some of the menus are different from the way we had them before. Our supposition is that the PCB board software, despite being the same model, has to be reconfigured so it can identify correctly the machine and start working all right, but we don't know how to do the reconfiguration or even if that is the problem. Hope someone can help us out ! Thanks to everyone in advance !
  3. The motor does rotate but the dryer and most heaters are not working. According to the manual we have to change the PCB, PCB1 or the transformer. We opened the V-50 a few minutes ago and noticed that it is very different from the V-100.
  4. We got one from a local supplier who happened to have a J340038. Moving on, there the Error 053 is still there. We are thinking this might be caused by a faulty TR-1. We have a V-50 around here. Is the transformer compatible between V-50 and V-100?
  5. https://ibb.co/j2qDp9 Last Saturday we got a 100V error on our V-100. I am looking for the j340038 PCB for the film processor Noritsu V-100. Would like to know if you have it available and its price. It's been a very hard time finding the PCB. All i get is V-30s and V-50s
  6. everQuestion


    Did you replace the J340038 PCB?
  7. everQuestion

    Frontier 370: E-2501

    We got this error this morning. "Factor: D620 does not function even if anti-dust shutter is operated at initialization. Error Detection Method: When anti-dust shutter is opening (during initialization or before starting exposure feed)" We blew some air with the compressor at secion 5 and nothing happened. Five minutes later it kind just worked by itself. Has anyone experienced this before?
  8. everQuestion

    Error Frontier 370

    How does the outkeep come out??? I hope its not the laser. Check if its not getting stuck inside the racks
  9. Hey there everyone. The color of the photos has been looking kind of washed and lack luster. I checked the I/O screen and it looks like this. The machine has not prepared a cartridge in some time and we think its because its the cartridge level that has been making some conflict or something over here. What can i do to make the machine prepare the cartridge? I clicked on "Normal" at the D741 Cartidge Normal or Reverse. Not sure what can i do now or how to make the machine start preparing the cartridge
  10. everQuestion

    Installing The Software For Frontier 370 Without Scanner

    NVM, wrote PIC insteado of FMPC on the setup...
  11. Hey there its me again. Every month i have to install the PIC and FMPC software due to the fact that the Windows registry expires for some reason. In any case, i always had PIC not expiring and the FMPC expiring but not both on the same time. Today i reloaded the base OS on both computers and installed the MS01 on the PIC, and the thing is, normally the PIC just looks around for the FMPC and just loads away. When the FMPC expires first, i just load the Printer installation and looks for the PIC. However this time around something weird happened: the Printer installation is looking for the PIC and it does not find it. The PIC reads in cannot connect to PIC even when the Job Manager reads connected to PIC. Since its not connected to the FMPC, i think it does not communicate with the FMPC installation. "MS01 System not found. Check MS01 System Name spelling and/or network connection@ Did i miss something this time around?
  12. everQuestion

    Frontier 370 Menu Display Combinations

    Thank you very much! This will help when we need to manually turn off the Frontier 370.
  13. everQuestion

    Fmpc Loses All Connections After Frontier 370 Shuts Down

    Got a new FMPC and new FMA for the Frontier 370. Things happened later. That will be later told. Thank you.
  14. We used to have this product that was used to place frames on prints. It needed two bmp files (one for vertical orientation and one for horizontal orientation) and an *.ovl file (i think that was the file termination) When i ask my distributor he does not know what i am talking about because i don't remember the name and i can't order him the software. Does someone here remember the name of the software?
  15. everQuestion

    Frontier 370 Menu Display Combinations

    We just lost communication with the Frontier 370. Does somebody know the key combinations for shutting down from the small screen menu? Three times menu then "Enter"? Things like that