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  1. Hello Forgive me if this is not allowed, I am looking for the PRO software for our Noritsu 3300SM unit, as we have a ARCNET error we have not managed to clear for months now Could someone PM me a price etc Cheers
  2. Hi Kodak_service thanks for the diagram, if the problem produces itself again I will examine that part Right now she is printing 100% no problems, I think it was a old piece of paper stuck there which dislodged itself free. I dont want to scratch whats not itchy if you know what I mean! J
  3.   Hi Yustas   Sorry I don't see where you asked me to do that, my original post has the sample print attached   Apologies if Im not understanding   J
  4. Hi Yustas I think that is what happened I arrived and they said it started printing fine again just before I got there, the paper left there obviously cleared it self. They started a large order someone was waiting for so didnt want to interrupt them, will go inspect tomorrow morning Thanks for the assistance, my heart can relax now thought it was a laser or something!
  5. Hi Guys Our prints are coming out half white. Paper is 4 inch white part is closest to the front of the machine where you would stand. I am on the way to lab now staff just sent me this pic, any ideas I can try? They did have a paper jam earlier so I will check that nothing is still stuck and messing with the paper being exposed Cheers!
  6. Hi Big Dave Will try those steps Thanks for the help everyone! J
  7. Hello Thanks for the replies so far Will do this once we shut down today J
  8. Sorry that info would help! Noritsu QSS-3300SM
  9. Hello all Our bleach replenishment pump is making an awful grinding sound and only replenishes about 5-10% of what it is set to I am replenishing manually at the moment with a syringe! I see in the parts manual there are 2 options Model name KBX-3Z (I013127-00)・・・(A) KBX-3X-F(I013138-00)・・・( Is anyone aware which option is used for the bleach Our local guy cant seem to locate the unit so if anyone here can help me locate one I would appreciate Shipping would need to be to South Africa Cheers J
  10. Hi there as mentioned I have done the zig zag tests and it doesnt help Regards J
  11. Hello all! I am struggling to fix a small problem I have On my prints the image seems to be rotated by about 1-2 degrees ie a straight line down the length of the print is 1mm further away from the edge on one side compared to the other (on a 6x4 print) I have checked the inside of the magazine that the guides are correct, and run zig zag arm correction on the software. One thing I picked up in the service manual they mention about leveling the whole machine. I dont think the guy who installed the machine ever checked if it was absolutely level What is the procedure to level the machine and do you use a standard hardware store spirit level? (not very accurate) Any other idea's I am open to suggestions!
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