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  1. Thanks for your answer, yes my FR330 Always worked with MS01 ver:3.0, My FR330 have sotware A1_4.0-0E-717 also installed the backup. All minilab work well but only not connect with server pc. I dont understand why I have not connection network in both pc. I got other pc FC5011 and install all the software again and this work without problems, really my problem is very strange, I dont understand why my FR330 not connect when put your internal pc FC2011. its possible change other network card compatible with Windows2000 ? this can work without problems ?
  2. Good morning all I need help for solve a problem with FR330 please. My FR330 not connect with MS01 server, I changed cable, HUB, also install all software internal computer FR330 FC2011 but my problem continue, my problem is very strange because I see in my local area connection status of internal computer FR330 show sent package data but in received always show 0, I thought my problem was in the network card then put other network card new also installed driver but the problem is the same. I really appreciate your help in advance.

    I need MS21

    Good morning, I am looking MS21+ manual installation, Can someone share this please Thanks in advance..
  4. Hi friends, I´m new in this forum and need the manual service noritsu D1005HR, could someone share this with me please. regards
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