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  1. Anyone to help please, I am stuck.
  2. Good day everyone May someone help me to solve Colour problem in prints shown on attached image.
  3. Fototech

    LP5000 blue lines

    I suggest you check your chemistry first if it is good.
  4. Good day I checked the D.C Power Supply & it is the one that was affected. Thank you very much
  5. Thank you sir, will check on that first
  6. Frontier 375 turns On and count down to 0 then it display start up but remains there for good. Client report that there was interchange of live wire & earth when another device was connected to the same wall breaker with machine. The machine breaker was off. What could be the prime suspect here please help
  7. Good day Well the 2nd printer i/o 1 & pressure change motor 2 were faulty. I changed motor 2 & also changed IC5 & 6 on printer i/o 1. However I cannot print since I am getting another problem. 1. 6013-000 paper did not load Magazine B 2. 6112-0001 Could not load the paper. Magazine C. Magazine motor B & C are moving in output check. Both paper end sensors condition is good. But paper is not coming out from magazine.
  8. I have thoroughly checked cables using test metre. I have a question. Does this motors supposed to rotate in one direction or both directions in output check. Both motors are turning in both directions. Is this normal??
  9. I understand. Surprisingly all other motors are rotating well in output check. It's only the 2 pressure change motors giving problem, other motors on the exposure advance unit rotates well. So the new board is dead only at the same driver section of these motors???? I have thoroughly checked the cables from printer i/o 1 to exposure advance unit & to the motor too.
  10. Yes I decided to change again the printer i/o 1. At first it intializes well but after sometime error pops again this time both motors. Maybe the printer i/o pcb is fault. But this board caused the motor 2 to energize (that was the initial problem)
  11. Good day Yes I have checked continuity it was OK. 24V yes present on motor terminals. Well, I changed printer i/o & error disappeared. It reappear after sometime, now it is alternating for motor 1 & for motor 2. Also motor 2 is now energized but the movement is not ok. I changed both motors but still they are not rotating well. They are kind of vibrating. I upgrade printer control pcb, still no joy
  12. Hi Dave I cannot easily turn motor 1 by hand(it is energized) but motor 2 can easily be turned by hand (not energized). Both sensors exposure advance pressure change sensor1 & 2 changes state from light to dark in input check. The error occur when machine is initializing. Motor 2 is not turning.
  13. Hello Dave, thank you very much for your great support. Well, I have checked all the cables as you recommended. I also changed the flat cable from printer control (J/P 200) to the printer i/o 1. I also tested the motor directly from printer i/o 1, still motor is not turning. I have 2 Printer controller pcb & am getting the same message. I am confused now. Any new ideas I welcome.
  14. Good day after swapping motor 2 with motor 1 pressure change motor 2 operate well in pressure change motor 1 position. Today I changed motor 1 and 2 with same motors, still there is no movement in motor 2 position. I don't understand now what should I do to rectify this.
  15. I understand sir but did not answer me on the diagram I posted. Actually I exchange motor1 & motor2. I am not sure if they are the same because from that diagram the last 2 digits are different. I am not sure there. Or else I need exact motor there?
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