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  1. Good day folks, noritsu 3300 can't finish colorimeter upgrade after program reinstall. It cut process upgrade & restart computer. What could be problem?
  2. Thank you for the reply sir. How do I check the COM to find out if it is working?
  3. Hello good people I am having problem wit serial communication on QSS-3300. Machine starts well boots into windows, system program loads but the P.C shuts down before qss software finishes loading just after the message " Colorimeter is being initialized" There is no error message coming onto the screen. May someone help.
  4. Good day everyone I am curious to the difference in installation between MS 4.2 ON Windows 7 and FE (S2) on Windows XP, especially on windows settings before system program installation? Thank you
  5. Hello everyone I am failing to cure P2 Safety thermostat activated on Frontier 370. Pump circulation is excellent, I have changed the safety thermostat I have cleaned the tank & put water replaced CTP20 PCB replaced thermosensor, replaced PAC20 PCB but the error keep on coming. When I changed PC20 the error appeared after more than an hour. Please may someone help
  6. Maybe your chemistry is the problem. Scan the black balance sheet & post on the forum.
  7. Good day all May you please help me with problem on Noritsu 3300 laser unit. I changed green gun & I am getting the colour on attached picture. I cant get the white. What could be the problem, Laser gun or something else?
  8. Good day all May someone help me with Paper magazine IDs pin assignment diagrams. Thank you
  9. Yes I did step by step software installation from manual. Changing software to MS01 is good idea but my MS01 CD cannot finish installation. Maybe some files are scratched.
  10. I am still stuck gentlemen, Anyone with solution to my problem ?????
  11. Good day experts I have problem with S2 Software. I finish installing S2 on DICII Computer (New Installation). I connect the DICII , FMPC2 & Frontier 550. Everything seem well , I tested by printing condition setup & some prints 4X6, 8X12 & 12X16. Suddenly only the Media from Media option becomes active on the Service Menu. Other Service Menu options become grey & cannot be selected (i.e Print from Media, Media print from Media). Reinstalled S2 on another PC. It seems well at first & the same problem pops up again. Is there where I can Activate these grey options? Have searched all options in Setup & Maintenance & did not find it. Please help!!!!!
  12. IP on minilab LCD is: subnet: IP on FMPC is: subnet: Firewire connection status is CONNECTED. How do I disconnect it sir? Also if I ping minilab ip from FMPC computer it shows that connection is good.
  13. Also if I clear program error message, I will get error no. W-2205 "As printer setup & maintenance is in progress, the printer maintenance not started"
  14. When I restart the whole System I get error E-2314 "Updating backup in printer failed. Check parameter file?
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