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  1. Same problem here. But still no answer.
  2. Sorry Barsheed, would you likee tell me the way to change the instalation date. I mean I change it from setup maintenance menu or so on? Thank you.
  3. Hi all, when I start on my frontier 340 early in the morning I get this error. E-2107 data file not open. I just do paper condition setup all the nagazine paper to temporary solve the problem. But when I start on the machine at the next day this error appear again. I loose my time and a lot of paper cause I must perform paper condition setup again to all 3 magazine paoer. Anybody can help me what I have to do to solve this error. Thanks for Your kindness.
  4. Thanks for ur advise. If i dont have any other way out here in my coutry, i will ask for ur help.
  5. Hello, I also have the same problem with my 340. W2528 B laser(B SHG) current exceed the specific range but I still can print. I want to know how long this machine can print since I get this warning w2528. One day or one week or one month or maybe one year anymore before the B laser absolutely damage and my machine can not print anymore?
  6. What about my frontier 340 if i set up B laser optimun temperature the result is abnormal B laser characteristic. What i have to do and how long lifetime of my B laser anymore. I get this massage since 3 month ago.
  7. What about quality of print if we compare with wet lab? I also think to change my frontier 340 to Epson SLD 700. Thanks.
  8. Maaf mas, saya new member dalam forum ini mau nanya cara posting topic ke forum ini. Nyari2 ikon untuk diklik nggak dapat2 yah. Makasih banyak sebelumnya.
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