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  1. dear photocorp Sir,

    May I know Noritsu-Australia engineer or Ex-engineer ,,,, or you are engineer from Kodak Alaris-Australia or Ex-engineer,,,,  or you are a freelancer engineer  in Syndey ?                From David Lam, Hong Kong

  2. Yes, no worries to run up machine with water only. Clean all the racks and then to flush after dumping the working solutions from a cross tank contamination, before preparing a fresh start-up mix. Something we would normally do.
  3. Posted this in general topics, but Justin case you've missed it. Possibly redundant, but 'back-in-the-day' I generated this little calculator in Excel for mixing start-up chemistry (Dev) with rep rates pre-formatted as stated. Just key in your tank volume........... Might be still useful to someone out there? Starter Mixing Calculator.xls
  4. Possibly redundant, but 'back-in-the-day' I generated this little calculator in Excel for mixing start-up chemistry (Dev) with rep rates pre-formatted as stated. Just key in your tank volume........... Might be still useful to someone out there? Starter Mixing Calculator.xls
  5. 'Link to QSF V series all manuals, Service, Operator and Parts for SM and RA. Zip file. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1lm_1ZSTJ9a2aMhR7pnwoNVk74XBIV_lI/view?usp=sharing There is also recent forum post on the how-to for tanking up/mixing the processing solutions. Scroll down and you'll find it.
  6. Not sure if this answers your query, but all your user unique print channel settings and data which has been configured prior to system initialising and re-install will be on your daily/weekly (or whenever that was!) back-up FD. Simply insert the Floppy Disk and read back that data, then you'll be back in business. HOWEVER.......For ID Photo data you need to save file from HD. See attached. ID Photo data.pdf
  7. Had another think.......the significance of 'M' is not too relevant, only indicates the status of the menu options in that screen meaning Main? and the option of Extension mode. If you go to Extensions and enter the service mode (with 2260 password) that letter should change to 'S'. You sure it hasn't always been there, just not noticed it. If you haven't solved the problem already, it will be safe to simply do a main breaker power off-reset and the machine should boot up to it's previous operational condition. Someone else might chime in here to correct me or otherwise.....
  8. Bokker09. Send me a PM and I'll forward you a link to the genuine comprehensive OEM Noritsu QS-26 series manuals, ZIP file 250mb. Free and no charge, so don't reply to others who might offer to sell you same ! Lesson to be learned here, to execute weekly back-up of data at the least. Makes it an easy job to recover from simple self induced problems. We used to do it daily, 7xFD's one for each working day. Been too long since I worked on a 2611, but from memory 'M' is somewhere in those Key Operator Functions/Settings. Can't recall. Can you just not go No-End to exit? 2611- Operator Setting.pdf
  9. Hi all. Because I'm a sharing kind of person........free for all. Link to Noritsu QSF-V Series Manuals. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1EZDjZRXqk7WUqGN7dcuMO-w_ojW5HreS/view?usp=sharing This is a Nortisu factory compilation as a compendium for all the V Series models. It is fully hyperlinked and bookmarked for navigation. Free for your appreciation @ 120mb.
  10. Tawan. Link here to all(?) QSF 400 through to 4100 series manuals, ZIP/RAR file. 52mb download. Enjoy. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1xJx4ThbG6ZFcZDw__yiRoGt--5Z6KsD8/view?usp=sharing
  11. I might have thought if you are seeing a white line on your prints it will be more related to the printer/scanner. Convention, scratches on the film emulsion side will cause a BLACK line on your scanned film.
  12. Track selection is determined by print size specification. I'm not aware of any setting to force the printer into using the centre lane by default, but I haven't had to work on this model QSS for a couple of years now. Using centre would be counter productive by considerably slowing down through-put performance As for the prints skewing in the processor. Aside from rollers swelling in the cross-overs (turn-guides) being an issue, or those in the racks I would also inspect the lower turn belts to see if they have relaxed/stretched as another possible source for your problems. Though if belts are stretched, chances are it's time for a few rollers! Over the course of a year we would replace most of the rollers in our Pro-Turbo, and belts at least every three months. These high volume machines need 'deep pockets' to keep them running up to speed and maximum capacity. You can locate which rack may be the source by raising the processor cover and disabling the interlock switch with a small magnet. Then, send some work through and working from the dryer end back to the Dev, systematically remove upper turn guides one at a time, checking the leading edges for damage. You will waste a bit of paper in undertaking this exercise.
  13. Mercuryin, hi. Your problems may also be more associated with a mechanical malfunction due to normal wear, rather than opto-sensor if replacing them that doesn't resolve the issue. Have a look at the diagram below. Replacing these two hi-lighted items are something you should not discount, as over time their function is mechanically compromised. Sort of works like a 'mouse trap' when the cutter is tripped, the the motor rotates to reset the mechanism. When worn it over-travels, or just through vibration of the adjacent cutter operating. I've had to replace quite a few of these components. Sensors.pdf Loading Box.pdf
  14. Nate. Make sure you double check your transpositions, terminal and connector re-assignments before powering up. In my early days as a Noritsu/Kodak tech I managed to black out a customers shop right back to the main centre power board along with a few of his neighbours retail stores at a shopping mall in spectacular fashion. Of course collateral damage included the power PCB with it and some internal wiring. Mall management not happy at all, customer less impressed with his tech's capabilities. !!!!! Good luck. PhotoCorp
  15. Nate. Attached excerpt from QSF -V Series manual for changing the power specifications. Regards, Greg - PhotoCorp QSF-V Changing Power Configuration.pdf
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