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  1. I might have thought if you are seeing a white line on your prints it will be more related to the printer/scanner. Convention, scratches on the film emulsion side will cause a BLACK line on your scanned film.
  2. Track selection is determined by print size specification. I'm not aware of any setting to force the printer into using the centre lane by default, but I haven't had to work on this model QSS for a couple of years now. Using centre would be counter productive by considerably slowing down through-put performance As for the prints skewing in the processor. Aside from rollers swelling in the cross-overs (turn-guides) being an issue, or those in the racks I would also inspect the lower turn belts to see if they have relaxed/stretched as another possible source for your problems. Though if belts are stretched, chances are it's time for a few rollers! Over the course of a year we would replace most of the rollers in our Pro-Turbo, and belts at least every three months. These high volume machines need 'deep pockets' to keep them running up to speed and maximum capacity. You can locate which rack may be the source by raising the processor cover and disabling the interlock switch with a small magnet. Then, send some work through and working from the dryer end back to the Dev, systematically remove upper turn guides one at a time, checking the leading edges for damage. You will waste a bit of paper in undertaking this exercise.
  3. Mercuryin, hi. Your problems may also be more associated with a mechanical malfunction due to normal wear, rather than opto-sensor if replacing them that doesn't resolve the issue. Have a look at the diagram below. Replacing these two hi-lighted items are something you should not discount, as over time their function is mechanically compromised. Sort of works like a 'mouse trap' when the cutter is tripped, the the motor rotates to reset the mechanism. When worn it over-travels, or just through vibration of the adjacent cutter operating. I've had to replace quite a few of these components. Sensors.pdf Loading Box.pdf
  4. Nate. Make sure you double check your transpositions, terminal and connector re-assignments before powering up. In my early days as a Noritsu/Kodak tech I managed to black out a customers shop right back to the main centre power board along with a few of his neighbours retail stores at a shopping mall in spectacular fashion. Of course collateral damage included the power PCB with it and some internal wiring. Mall management not happy at all, customer less impressed with his tech's capabilities. !!!!! Good luck. PhotoCorp
  5. Nate. Attached excerpt from QSF -V Series manual for changing the power specifications. Regards, Greg - PhotoCorp QSF-V Changing Power Configuration.pdf
  6. Hi, all. Hard drive failed, customer replaced drive and recovered with the 3 PC-NRT CD's before I arrived on site. Now we can't get past the Output Device Registration. Tried to ping with various IP addresses but can't find it. Front end doesn't seem to recognize the printer, can't get into Extension or Service Mode etc. Only options are Output Device Registration and Maintenance mode. Device Mgr seems to show other network controllers with -? I'm suspicious it has something to do with the LVDS drivers, or an incomplete recovery procedure. Not sure if I should l now load the latest QSS version of s/w on top. I've always cloned my dives so It's been a few years since I had to do full recovery, bit out of touch with what I'm experiencing here. Any help will be appreciated........................ Thanks.
  7. Tim. You have more than enough documentation form Kodak_service and myself to determine what tools you will need to install your MMC. It should not be necessary to carry out the fiddly light axis or swing and tilt adjustments as these will have been done as part of the initial installation for your QSS on the 135/240 AFC. However you'll need to do focus/zoom (magnification), light source and area registration for any optioned carriers. Software upgrade to the carrier(s) will need to be done, Have a look in version check with the MMC set to confirm communication and version number. Regards, Greg.
  8. Tim. After you're finished digesting Kodak_service's excellent but intimidating document above (which I haven't seen before), if you are still up to the challenge, you might like to peruse my abridged version from various chapters: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B5J-FXuKzyvPaFVuMV85OVhhR2s/edit?usp=sharing Regards, Greg.
  9. Tim, Is that an MMC (Manual 135) or AFC (Auto) model you have. The 120 setup was a different volume of instructions from memory, and not append-iced to the normal Service Manuals, not a common option. Might have that stuff here too, will have a look to-nite. Someone may oblige with assistance in the interim. It's been about seven years since I had to set one up where once I was very intimate with the idiosyncrasies and problems of the device (the AFC models) back then. I retired two years back, so I'm very rusty on guiding anyone through the full procedure with confidence. Greg.
  10. Tim. You can use the setup and calibration procedures as described in the QSS29 Service Manual found here but is the same for all the earlier QSS models 3001 up to but not including QSS33 : https://onedrive.live.com/?cid=8e40f7106a291ccf&id=8E40F7106A291CCF%21104 Having the jigs and charts are a plus, but It can be a very frustrating exercise if you have not undertaken this installation before, or been shown how to do so. Tools are: Scanner Adjustment Chart (mount). DO NOT HANDLE OR TOUCH ANY PART OF THE CHART WITH YOUR BARE FINGERS, as salts and residue will degrade the component gradations of the plate. Emission Adjustment Chart Height Adjustment Jig. Think I do have a compilation of extracted manuals pertinent to the 135 AMC and MMC somewhere on an old hard drive somewhere for convenience as I worked on these units frequently when I was with Kodak. I'd need to dig these out if you want! Regards, Greg.
  11. Photocorp (AKA Photo Corporation of Australia, PixiFoto, Portrait Place) has been placed into administration and is being wound up, all operations in Aust and NZ closed. I would like to thank this community for the invaluable help and assistance I have received since taking over the role of Lab Technician, and also on behalf of our previous tech, Greg. Without your help, our bank of Noritsu'swould have been down longer at much greater expense, we would have folded earlier. The free exchange of knowledge is a fantastic resource, and very important in a shrinking industry when someone new takes over. You should all be congratulated for contributing. So thank you once again for all the help. Photocorp signing off ...
  12. Noritsu 3704: Z025645-01 AOM Driver
  13. Amin. I$ thi$ a free/sharing offer, or are there $ome co$t$ involved(?)................. A lot of stuff is available free from other Forum community members: http://www.minilablaser.com/manuals.htm https://skydrive.live.com/?cid=8e40f7106a291ccf&sc=documents&id=8E40F7106A291CCF%21104
  14. Circulation pump bogging down with sludge possibly, and when was the last time you changed the filter or dumped chemistry and flushed out the tank with warm water. If they are similar to the NetLab or DLab-2, the other item that might cause this is the rack side baffles which are a kind of filter in themselves. They become clogged with dirt after a lengthy period, need to be removed and thoroughly purged of ingressed gunk, either that or buy new core material. If they are choked, this can impair the circulatory reticulation of chemistry through the racks and cause the temp to fluctuate intermittently. Our NetLab runs about 10 hours per day flat-chat, and these are observations form my own experience. Yours may be different.
  15. We have an AGFA NetLab2.Plus which exhibited the same symptoms two years ago. We suspected the timer board as the faulty device and ordered one. Didn't solve the problem so we were then stuck with a $2,000 big ticket pcb which AFGA/SILTECH (Australia) refused to offer us a credit return for good part. Was simply the PC power supply, although the voltages measured all correct. Bought a power supply local, one which has a kit of universal connector/cable adapters so you can use it from ATX all the way through to current generation for less than $100. !!!!!! Still have the Timer PCB if that turns out to be your problem. Would have to check the part number and compatibility with your model. PM me and insult us with your lowest offer if you're interested.
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