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  1. Hello, Can someone help me ? How can I reset the error TURN ON REPLENISHMENT SWITCH It is a T15 film developer (NO SM) Thanks!
  2. Hello. I uninstalled all EZ-Controller programs by add/remove programs and deleted the ezcontroller folder. Uninstaled too xml and database manager postgreSQL... then reinstalled EZcontroller and write backup... and everithing is OK now.
  3. Hello. Does anybody tried this AOM repair kit? http://www.minilablaser.com/aomdriversale_light.htm Is it possible to buy in USA or south america? I need to buy some AOM. Or else where I can buy good AOM? Thanks
  4. Yes. It works. Version 6 and above.
  5. Can someone help me with drivers for scanner HS-1800 I need to install it on Windows 7 64 Bits. Thanks!
  6. Hello I just need activator. I already has software installed. Than you.
  7. Hello Minilab Service, Can you share the EZ-Controller "special edition"?
  8. Hello. I'm trying to do an order software. Do you have some documentation about Noritsu Kiosk (Network CT) Order Format? I know that it uses XML format, but I don't have some orders to see how it works. Somebody can help me with documentation or a sample order to see how it works ? Thank you very much.
  9. Today I use the same colorimeter with another Noritsu 3704, and it works good. What can I check in the 3705F out of the colorimeter? I clean contacts, and done software upgrade but sensors doesn't show real input. When sensor #1 is dark and #2 turn to dark #2 turns light but with no "real light" Please help!
  10. Hello. When I try to send magazine registration or some procedure that read by the colorimeter, first test print is read good but second show some errors: 01552 The paper in the Colorimeter is too short. It cannot be measured but the test print is normal. some times the error was: 06554-00002 Calibration plate advance error I check the sensors and seems to be OK, but there is something extrange: In input check the 2 sensors of the colorimeter are light, I put a photo paper and the first one turn Dark but when I put the paper in both sensors (both dark) the first one turn light even with the paper. so I can see that when the second sensor turn dark the fist one change whit no reason. I change the infrared (upper) to a known good one but there is the same problem. What can I do?
  11. Thank you very much for the answer, I'm trying to find another thermosensor to change it. The dryer fan I think is not bad because it has a good speed, or how can I know if it is faulty even if it is spining fast? thanks!
  12. Hello, Thanks for answer, I checked, but I see it working good, good speed. Do you know how can I set up (calibrate) dryer temperature? I can't find where to do it, Minilab is Noritsu 3705F, I'm not sure if the real temperature is the temperature shown in screen. Thank you very much.
  13. QSS3705 ERROR No. 05533 The Dryer Safety Thermosensor has activated I got this error very frecuent, how can I check the thermosensor calibarion? Is anything I can so to solve this problem? Thank you very much
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