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  1. Hi. I have a problem with the Fuji 570 machine, it suddenly happened that the machine does not print photos continuously, more precisely, until it does one dimension of the photo, it does not start working on the next dimension. It waits for one dimension to come out, and only then does it start printing the next dimension.
  2. I was clean my laser section last night, but i didn't solve my problem. Everything is same. I am maybe clean bead mirrors please see the picture and give me advice, please. Thank you.
  3. Thanks for answers. Could you tell me how to check focus and how to clean mirrors. I made Laser Beam.Sync but problem is not fix.
  4. Hi people, I have problem with my Fuji frontier 350. Problem is lines around the text.Look at the picture. If anyone knows how to solve the problem of a write. Thank you
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