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  1. I need your help ... after replacing chemistry I work paper setup and get the following values as the message that the densitometer is working. New lamp since 1 day. Where am I wrong?
  2. Ljiljana LM


    Hello i have the problem with paper setup ... please the veryfi desitometer switch working properly...mashine is dks kiss 1530.
  3. Thanks for the guidelines, but let's hear it if we go and we agree on what and how because the machine in Zagreb....
  4. The problem is getting wet paper out of the way I got directions then guess where the error would be Pskaro where and can I get directions for dks 1530?
  5. Hello everyone, I have a problem with the dryer lamp after 5 photos are turned off only after I restart the machine and the same problem with the 5 photos is gone and it stops. The lamp is new and has been blotted with the same old thing ... it goes off
  6. Thanks for the information, unfortunately I do not have any instructions for the machine, so I have no where to check in addition to using the forum to seek help. There was no need to change the filter represented the tube to the exit at the back of the tank stabilizer. Mr.. Pskaro me very much helped with the description of the problem so that I found and solved the problem.
  7. Hello The problem is solved on the edge of water in the stabilizer was represented tube or that I do not so expert in the service never took pictures and now I'm not sure if I've set the schedule on the tube output because one hose only stabilizer and the other is a stabilizer and the water you hereby ask for help.
  8. Thank you very much for your advice and I can say that I'm very pleased machine but there can sometimes ask for a little service
  9. Yes it is a machine from Sibenik you put into operation. I had this problem with it until recently
  10. I do not know whether they are genuine. Perhaps you remember that the machine Sibenik and later transferred to Zagreb already long before you asked for advice calibration paper.
  11. Hello everyone on the forum, I need your advice and help. Last pump (6) to fuse ignition engine is blocked and when I take the hose from the filter pump is operating normally once again return hose pump block and pounding.
  12. Can someone take a picture kiss 1510 standing last 3 Racks. I have no instructions and I can not find them anywhere.
  13. Hello Question for pskaro in croatia where i cant by parts for minilab?
  14. Greeting Does anyone can take a picture of my 2 rack bleach that it should agree as per the instructions of my hard
  15. When i go to paper setup i have this measage: Error During The Densitometer Measurement. Change the lamp...chemistry....please help me whats wrong
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