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  1. Yes I need some SW to print and edit ( color and brightnes) like as noritsu SW , but I dont like pay for epson order 2000 eur, And I ask you what SW do you use ( friednly controls, easy ) I try Espon order controler LT and not friendly
  2. Hello everyone, I bought a DX100 and I have a request for you, who do you use for photo printing software? I have a minilab QS32 so if there is any similar SW now I only print ID photos using software from Odessos Thank you very much Zdenek
  3. working, I canceled the VM, and made the PC with Win XP, no error and scanis good
  4. Hi, please your pakon 235 is running? I have problem with the same pakon

    Thaks Zdenek


  5. yes please , it is great info@fotogold.cz thanks Zdenek
  6. super, version I will find out on Monday, I will write , thank you very much for your help and the program version is good? or is any other better?
  7. how I updarte firmware ? www.pakon.com is ended
  8. the same error - 133, 131 and now still 197
  9. yes , I can and yes I have , but in manual I thin is few information
  10. I try 2 lamp Osram 50W 680lm 2950K - setup wizard - error code 133 pakon ver - 1.4 build 0.8 win XP - virtual machine on Oracle VM
  11. thanks, but during calibrate error code 197
  12. Hi, Pakon F235 scaning only gray squares, none error 😞
  13. Hi, I had colored stripes on the test today they are still in the same place when i send the second test they are not on it Thanks for help
  14. Hi, after I swap AOM from GREEN to RED are correction during the day between Y and M + - 0,4 max it is possible that AOM what is now on RED is "weak" and it didn't work on GREEN but it still works on red ? Thanks Zdenek
  15. after change AOM R and G - is ballance Y+0,5 M+0,4 C0 D-0,2 it is look as small diference and print are good today morning 8:40 Y+0,1 M+0,2 C0 D+0,1 it is good too I will do tests continuously throughout the day and we will see the results Thanks Zdenek
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