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  1. Hi, I have problem back 🙁 morning Y+0,1 M0 C0 D0 16:11 Y0 M+1,4 C0 D+0,2
  2. Hi, looks good 22.5. Y0 M+0,4 C0 D+0,1 16:41 25.5. Y+0,2 M-0,6 C0 D-0,1 8:56 25.5. Y+0,2 M+0,2 C0 D0 13:26 26.5. Y0 M+0,4 C0 D0 8:38
  3. I change Green AOM - after change Y -0,9 M -13,7 C0 D-2,5 - I think that's good and now I'll wait about 4 hours and see if the colors are still the same
  4. Hi Dave, Ok I change to repaired one and write results
  5. Hi, I have problem with QSS 32 mornig paper test 0 0 0 0 and after 4 hours prins color change to green Y +0,1 M+4,7 C 0 D +0,9 black triangle at the top is black
  6. Hi, unexponed paper is white or what you mean ? - Is your not fogged paper white? it looks like it was really new roll paper , since that time the variation in range +- 0,4 max , mostly + - 0.2
  7. On my Qss32 I have maximum 500mL/m2 pump are you testing ?
  8. Hi , I have D1005 HR , it's almost impossible, black ink is little used and others pour out differently only from price of paper but service is expensive , head - end of the machine 7000 USD 🙂 🙂 it seems to me that the payback of the machine is impossible
  9. Hi, the problem is back 😞 I have set Paper temperature correction and today at 15:27 temperature 26,3 Y -1,1 M -0,1 C 0 D -0,3 now colleague told me it's a new roll of paper - in the morning we will see the values
  10. Yes, you're right , repairs are very expensive thank you very much for your help and I hope the minilab will work long
  11. Hi, Pump Output Amount Setting - how much you have set ? Pump Output Amount Measurement - Have you measured whether it matches? filter not clogged? - at the water tank
  12. Yes I understad you, but if I have broken board on Yes I understad you, but if I have broken board on pisition J484A , on scan photos no noise , only if I swap boards form J485 and J484A then is noise of scan photo J485 - working board all 4 LED light , J484A - damaged board only 3 LED ligth ( one very very weakly ) - Working - No noise on scan photo, photos well J485 - damaged board only 3 LED ligth , J484A - working board all 4 LED light - Not working - Noise and color scratch on scan photo ( The photos are a few posts above ) Software Upgrade - 100% Normal Termination - both cases Self diagnostics - Not Good - both case I don't understand this 🙂
  13. Hi, I dont undersand you? where is going INK ?
  14. Ok thanks and the same with problem Not good with D-Ice PCB memory check - if digital masking ON - self diagnostic -Not good but prints and scan good , ignore it ? You asked the price board j390904-02 please ?
  15. Thanks, if I run "Media" and "Film" tests separately and together , every time, 3x "No Good" prints from scanner and digital prints are wel - if there was a board error, how would that happen? error message ? or stripes on prints ? Software Upgrade No problem , with digital masking cards and No problem without masking cards - every 100% Normal termination
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