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  1. Thanks for the answer! I have Noritsu 3501plus machine with EZ controller with old version (first version, it can't read PNG or TIF.) with dongle in two work station. I would like to upgrade this to the newest version. Is it possible? Do you know anything about my first question. Thanks: Tom
  2. Hi everyone! I would like to get some help about EZ Controller software. Does anyone know, this software running in the 32 series or only in the 35, 37, etc.? Currently have a 3501 machine with EZ Controller software. I would like to buy a machine which can make 30x45cm picture. I choose the 32 series, but i don't know this machines can work with EZ controller. Could you help in this question? I have other question. Where can I buy the latest EZ Controller software for 3501, in EU? Thanks in advance: Tom from Hungary
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