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  1. Then, is there any other way to print "long files" (for example 30x60cm) with this MRK setting? I know that the HOTFOLDER SOFTWARE is able to do that but there i had many problems with colors. Thanks for reply
  2. Hello I have a question about printing orders via MRK file Our noritsu maschine (3001) has three different paper lenght for each channel. By deflaut the first one is choosen. My question: Is there a possibility to set up different (second ) paper length from channel while printing through MRK file? How to set this option in the file? regards
  3. I do not really understand- I always have the HDD icon choosen as an input source. I browse for files through files on serwer in this way (we have serwer mapped as disc) About the secong thing - sorry for misunderstanding - 10 different images will be as you wrote - more yellow and more saturated in the same way
  4. I've tried it yeasterday. Unfortuantelly there was no difference between two files (with/without exif) There is a colour difference between printing normally and with hotfilder. Of course the autocorrection box is unticked. Prints from hotFolder have a little more saturation (like +1) and the yellow colour is much stronger. In both cases the order is visible in queue at order controller display.
  5. I always use the same file,there is no embedded profile or it's just sRGB. Could You tell me more about the Exif info? Does it really have an influence to how maschine treats colors?
  6. Hello I have ben obligated to check possibility of using Noritsu HotFolder software functionalities. We use mostly noritsu 3001 minilabs, with HotFolder v3.0 software installed. My problem is the color difference betwen prints made by normal process (choose chanell > choose file > print) and loaded via HotFolder application. It is not a great difference but i have to get exactly the same colors. HotFolder documentation has an option called CMSflag (on/off) (Color Menagement Setup) I have tried to print pictures with both. None of them gives the same colors as on the "normal process print". The chanell doesn't have any color settings made, so there should not be any difference. I am waiting for any idea Regards
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