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Found 8 results

  1. Hey all, we're having a problem on our 2901 - with weird yellow patches in gray areas of ALL prints from our machine. see pictures here: https://imgur.com/a/OhBcmZI What are your thoughts on how to fix this ?
  2. Hi all, New "issue" .... When smaller (<7") prints come out of the printer and onto the conveyor, then onto the Print Sorter, the tray usually drops down before the prints come out, For 12 years, we've had no problems with this, until this past week. I've mangled the little sensor on the side of the sorter that senses (stops the trays) when the tray has reached a certain point. (Don't worry, the little sensor is FINE, but the side of the housing that it was screwed into has been "customized" ) Most of the time, 99.9999%, it's fine, but now, more than ever (1 out of 5 time
  3. Hello All ! Todays problem is All of the working tanks are not heating up even after 2 hours of warm up time. Working tank temperatures did not rise. All fuses on J390456 are ok (F1-F11 and FL1-FL4) all SSRs look good, None are dark or burnt or damaged. PCB J390564 is the same. Everything looks fine. No error messages were displayed. What could it be ? thank you !
  4. Hello all, When you perform a system upgrade from floppy(or HED’s) it updates the ArcNet card, but is there any other component in the machine that also gets an ArcNet update ? And does anyone have a spare 2901 compatible ArcNet card ?? We might be needing one !! Message me please Thanks ! DavE
  5. Hey all, We’re having a problem starting up our Noritsu! Our 2901 “wants to turn on” but loses power after 1 or 2 seconds “on”. We have to turn off the breaker, wait 5-10 seconds, then try to power up again but always with same symptoms. We can hold the green sorter button to turn it on, we then hear the motors and fans starting up, then after 1 to 2 seconds the power just goes off. Doesn’t even have time to start up the computer , much less an error message. Any help would be appreciated! Dave
  6. We have a problem with our Noritsu 2901. It crashed in the middle of a job and then refused to fully start up. And when trying to restart looks like some software issues where maybe the windows software hasn't allowed for the Noritsu software to start Any ideas anybody? Any help would be great!
  7. Decided to start a new thread rather than attach onto an old one.... Hi guys, Today it's my turn to get this issue 6053-0001. Got it yesterday, but pressed NO -> NO and it went away and we printed just fine. Today, we got the same error message. We're still able to print, but I want to FIX this before it gets any worse. Tried to clean sensor 2 for the exposure advance unit, but the MLVA pressure plate will not move out of the way. MLVA Head cleaning -> Pressure Guide Cleaning -> <terminated abnormally> MLVA Head cleaning -> Head Cleaning -&
  8. Hey guys, Please see attached images: Today, we're experiencing a new, never happened to us yet, problem. The daily setup had some strange lines (parallel to paper path), but I ignored it to do the daily setup (which executed fine) Random lines, single pixel wide, in various colors on most prints from negative or digital images. Initially thought it was a image scanning problem on our little flat-bed scanner, but the lines appear on the same image printed in landscape/portrait orientation in specific locations, and always parallel to the paper path (see image of guy in gray
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