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Found 2 results

  1. Hi guys! First of all I would like to thank you all for maintaining this source of information! So, I'm from Australia and I'm about to open a printing picture business, but I know nothing about printers. Could I get some help on which drylab would be best for the business? Some information: - pictures not smaller than 8x8 cm - pictures not bigger than 25x25 cm - around 15k pictures a week I've been in contact with one of those printer renting companies and they said I should go with the Fujifilm DL650. They want AUD $1150/month for the printer plus sorter (new one with 3 years Fuji total care agreement). Can someone give me some light here? Much appreciated, thank you!!
  2. Hi all, I have a question about colour settings on the Noritsu D701 and D703, using EZ Controller. I currently have two D701’s, and one D703. The two D701’s are running from a single EZ Controller version 5.060.040, and the D703 is running from a separate EZ Controller version 5.80.020. All 3 printers print pretty much the same colour – they originally were all over the place, but we now have the same profile running on all 3, the grey setup is correct, and all three machines print a very close match – this is good! However, although they print the same, they all print dark images. I have tried various profiles, D701, D703, D1005 and some of my own – the current profile is by far the best in terms of colour, its just all 3 are dark. (The current profile is for the Nortisu D703, and we do have the Profile software running as well BTW... ) If I process an order by PJP (on any machine) and adjust the “white” by -6 to -7 then everything is perfect. Also, on the newer version (5.80.020) there is a new icon on the PJP screen, which when clicked gives you 9 new pre-sets (Scene Correction) If I choose “Shade” then once again everything is perfect, colours, contrast, brightness etc. So, is there a way to set this as a default? Either via the Print Channel’s or somewhere hidden in the menu? I can access the engineers menu, but can’t find a “global brightness” setting, if there is such a thing. Is there any way I can implement a change, per channel. I can see in Management Tool / Print Channel / Image Quality Settings, there is a whole page dedicated to DSA and Balance Memory per channel, but I can’t see to get any changes working in there. I’d be eternally grateful of any help that can be offered, having this dark issue is a real pain. Many thanks in advance. Andy
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