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Found 67 results

  1. EstimuloVisual

    No backprint

    Hi! I'm using MS01 in a Frontier 370. I have to do some prints without backprint. There is some way to disable backprint in an order??
  2. EstimuloVisual

    No backprint

    Hi! I'm using MS01 in a Frontier 370. I have to do some prints without backprint. There is some way to disable backprint in an order??
  3. Hi! Does anyone know how to HOLD an order in MS01 version 2.5.5? There is no button to do this action.
  4. Did you know how many hours could be operarting the Frontier 370 laser unit? My unit is near 8000 hours operating.
  5. Good morning all, I started to notice a black/dark line across all size of prints from my lp2000sc tried to clean the laser unit from below but didnt seem to go away, what do you think guys? I attach a photo as exemple, thanks in advance for your help
  6. Hi, about a year ago, the AD100 densitometer started to read abnormally. All the prints condition setup turns to cyan. So, I connected an AD300 and all works fine. But I want to keep de AD100 alive. A memeber of this forum send to me this link to purchase the replacement lamp: http://minilab.com.ua/shop/product_info.php?products_id=271547&language=en This item is not in stock now but the seller told me I have to pay it before and wait 3-4 weeks till the lamp arrives to his country (Ukraine) from Japan. - Does anybody bought any spare part to this seller? - Anybody change the AD100 lamp?
  7. guys, i got this message E-2529 on my FR340...i read the solutions in other user's topic about 2529 to switch the G and B cable on AOM...then i've already switch the input and output of G>B and B>G...but the 2529 still popup...i run the optimal GB temperature but both of them's status is OK...then i run diagnostic, all is OK except no.13(image of LDA from GMB)...please guys i need your help...is that aom or laser or ldd22 pcb ? thanks a lot for ur replies guys !!!!
  8. Hi, Does anybody know how to set up Polaroid size using 12,7 width paper in Frontier 370?
  9. Hi, I have a Frontier 370 V 7.7 connected to MS01 V 4.2 via scanner. O would like to know about hardware and software for stand alone function. Thanks.
  10. Hi everyone, Does anybody knows wich functions delivers these circuit boards on Frontier 370? PAC20 CTP20 PWR20
  11. Hi everyone, About a month ago, one of the paper feed motor went to the inverse direction. For me is not a strange issue, since a had the Frontier 370 this happened every year, mostly when I have a lot of prints to do. An electrical technician friend of mine change the four step motor drivers from PDC20 circuit board. And I changed the four stepping motors from the printer. All works fine until today. One of the stepping motor get inverse. I been using the lower deck paper magazine during this issue, and check this out: the upper cutter did the cut 3 times....so strange. Before that, just turned off the Frontier. Back in process, I could print about 600 6'x8' sheets without any problem. Could be the wires from the PDC20 to the stepping motors? Could be the circuit board? (It has several time working -about 19 years-, and several stepping motor drivers changed) If anybody know something about this, please let me note. Thank you!
  12. Hi everyone, Last year, calibrating CA Type Fujicolor paper, the AD100 densitometer couldn't reach density measurement OK. So, I took an AD300 and measurement was OK. I want to know where to buy the AD100 lamp and which brand is it. Thank you.
  13. WTB Fuji frontier sp3000 ( 645 Carrier ) * just only 645 film carrier mask for 120 scan please email me gongtairoop@gmail.com
  14. Hi people, Maybe its a silly question... but why not to ask? I want to delete 2 unnused user accounts ("x" and "xx" as show on the photo i've taken) on SP2000 PC Frontier 350. This accounts were created by the former owner of the minilab and we don't need it anymore as SE2 have all privilegies to acess the menus. There is a way do that without formating? Just because its anoying to see these "phanton" accounts every time that I need logging on.
  15. Hello, I have a well used Fuji Frontier 375 that is making the white un-imaged (blank) parts of the photo paper turn out with a yellow tint / cast. P1, P2, PS drained, cleaned and replaced, Filters replaced. Once chem was replace it was printing white as white again = all good, but over 12 hours of use the yellow tint returned and also black on daily condition test print have now a blue shade. Machine uses Tetnal CP48 replenishers
  16. Hello, I'm in need of some advice. I have recently acquired an SP2000, The PC that runs it seems like its on its way out - its an old P2 and could do with being upgraded. Is it possible to easily clone the old pc drives onto a new er ish machine running XP? Maybe clone the old NT4 system to the newer PC and then upgrade NT4 to XP keeping the original Frontier software an setup in place during upgrade (as XP basically being the unofficial NT5 anyway?), is this possible? Though, I would ideally want to do a fresh install however, I do not have the A1 software disks and they seem super rare to find. Thanks in advance. Matt.
  17. Hello everyone. My problem is that I have to do a paper condition setup every 100 or more prints. So i have to do it over and over every day. Any suggestion for the problem source. Thank you
  18. Hi! I'm printing on my frontier 370. I have some white lines on the prints, all sizes. They are parallel to transport. All optics of laser unit were cleaned with a camel hair brush, soft swab and anti static microfiber for optics. Also the mirrors were cleaned (some dust on them) but I didn't clean the polygon. The filter of the anti dust fan is full of dirty (it is no more white, I never replace it) After the cleaning, these white lines changed the position on the print. They are visible only in uniform and half tones backgrounds (for a common costumer are not visible). What more a have to do to solve this issue???
  19. Hi everyone, I own a Fuji Frontier SP3000 and wanted to upgrade the software, so I've cloned the Hard Drives from a friend, one for the scanner PC (toshiba) and another for the PIC software. At my friend's SP3000 both machines connect with each other, as well as with the scanner, just fine. On my install both machines boot, all drivers are properly installed and I can ping both machines, this means the PCs are communicating fine with each other. But the scanner PC (the toshiba) when booting, the fuji software gives me 1st the X-4299 error and after that the E-4213 error (error images attached). As far as i can tell it never comunicates with the scanner, there's no carrier warm-up noise as usual, and the software never fully loads. Hopefully I'm not forgetting any detail, but feel free to ask me any questions. Any ideas would be really appreciated!! Thanks in advance! Edgar
  20. Hello everybody, I'm new to this forum. I'm the owner of a fully working (standalone) SP3000 with both 135 automatic film carrier and MFC10AY manual carrier with all the masks. I'm looking for a NC120AY auto carrier, from what I've seen it's pretty rare, but maybe here there's somebody who's interested in selling one. Another question, since I couldn't find any manual of the NC120AY, does it need different masks for each frame size (6x6, 6x7, 6x9) or it doesn't need any? Thank you very much, Luca ImWaffe
  21. Hi minilab community, I got a frontier 550 and i can use a computer with Win7, WinXP and Win2k but I don't really know where to find out all software that I need to install. I need probably MS01 (but i don't know the version). Does anyone know where I can find the software + installation documentation that i need ? My email is : acf75019 @ yahoo fr (please remove space and add a dot between yahoo and fr) Thanks in advance for your response. Bernard
  22. Hi! I'm thinking about buying a Fujifilm Frontier SP-3000. However, I need to know if it will aqquire som additional costs. I attached the picture the seller has in the listing. He says that the scanner does not come with a PC, due to the fact that the PC was sold with the machine it was connected to. I'm assuming he had a printer connected to it, and that the machine was sold along with the printer? So from what I understand this is a scanner with no computer. Is is hard to connect a new computer and install the drivers? What will the additional cost be? If anyone has any idea, I gladly appreciate some help. As I said - I'm new to this and doesn't know much about it. But I'm hoping someone in here knows. :-) - Matt
  23. Hi, Scans from the SP3000 show colored lines/stripes frome time to time. Picture attached! I cleaned: Entire Image Box, cards and ram Leds Lens DSP 1: failure (set to invalid) Everything was fine until recently. Any options besides buying another GPA23? What causes this? Dirt, power, LEDs, memory? Thx for any help!
  24. Does anyone know how meny pictures 5R (13x18 or 5x7) Frontier 340 print in a hour on 12.7 or 17.8 paper?
  25. Hi Guys, My frontier 340 automatically shutdown few times today, anyone have any idea what's wrong? Thank you
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