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Found 13 results

  1. Good morning all, I started to notice a black/dark line across all size of prints from my lp2000sc tried to clean the laser unit from below but didnt seem to go away, what do you think guys? I attach a photo as exemple, thanks in advance for your help
  2. Hi Where can i find a copy of software order-it for my kiosk Fujifilm Thanks
  3. Hello Friends, I am out of surelab d 700 ink, however, I have frontier dx 100 catridges of fujifilm, I would like to know if anyone has tried using it? if the result was good, or the experience was bad? Thank you for responses.
  4. Hi after print, have this issue, the black tonal change to brown.... is inkjet dx100 have original fuji paper and ink, standard quality print,
  5. Hi, I am an experienced: - FUJIFILM equipment service technician with more than 10 years experience in installing, configuring, repairing FUJIFILM minilabs and film processors; - web and desktop programmer - advertising production equipment technician (large printers, CNC routers, pad printers, cutter-plotters, etc) - photographer I am coming to London the 27th this month (march 2016) and would appreciate if anyone could: - host me for a week or two as a friend and for sharing knowledge in London or another main city. Hosting me maybe less just until I visit a few places and choose one; - suggest a job in the field or similar, or a place to start. Thank you very much! My linkedin profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/adriancumpanasu CV Adrian Cumpanasu targeted EN detailed.pdf
  6. Hi guys, New to this forum and am finding it very hard to find much information on precise steps to get this done. Basically, I am helping a friend set up a Frontier SP 3000 to be used as a standalone unit. The machine/software on the scanner is fine, but we are missing the steps and software to get the secondary computer set up to have the files exported to. I understand this computer needs to run Windows XP which we have installed. Is there anything else other than needing the software installed and it obviously networked via ethernet? Unfortunately my friend said the secondary computer that came with it died and the seller is not communicating back so we've bought an old one as a replacement. We just wanna get this thing going and get scanning! Any information on installation files would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for reading, Patrick
  7. Our Noritsu QSS-3702 is having hard time with FujiFilm Crystal Archive Supreme paper. Blacks aren't black enough and there's scale-like texture or hazing in dark parts (looks like watercolour paper texture), sharpness is lacking and colours aren't as deep compared to Kodak Supra Endura Premier. Some info: Profile data number for Fuji CA Supreme is 163 (we also tried 153) Profile data number for Kodak Supra Endura Premier is 153. We updated paper profiles with Noritsu Profile Data cd in 2013 or 2014. http://imgur.com/a/iQ177 Here's link to scans of paper gamma setup and black level balance tests and screenshot of measurements. Also one print scan from lustre Christmas cards. Our 30cm roll of Kodak Endure Premier is old stock and scanning makes the base even more yellow. But otherwise we get better image quality from Kodak Endura. Better colours and deeper black and no scale like surface as on Crystal Archive (both glossy and lustre). We had similar problems with glossy Kodak Royal paper (black wasn't black so contrast and sharpness were lacking). Differences should have been similar with fresh Kodak Endura, only with brighter white. This 30cm roll was last of the Kodak material we had so test were made with it. Both of the test prints have been made in same day and same temp etc as the timestamps show. Chemicals had been just changed by Fuji rep and settings like temperature should be also ok. And as timestamps show we have had this problem for some time.. It would be logistic wise easier to use FujiFilm papers so any help would be highly appreciated. Any hints are welcome, paper profiles and ezcontroller-settings to try, or possible machine problems or anything really. Gallery of screenshots and scans: http://imgur.com/a/iQ177
  8. Some companion , help sharing with me MS01 4.2 and MS12 please, i need it My email: saminsoo@hotmail.com Thanks thanks
  9. mantacolor


    I bought a laser just 3 months old , and I have this problem (attached to the message ) when printing daytime , magenta tone begins to rise. What do you think? A. Laser defective B. Laser control fail C. G-AOM laser but change it with a new one but this remains the same. Help if some one has this happened
  10. mantacolor

    Aom Information

    Anyone know where I can buy aom ? I need AOM for frontier LP7500 A reliable company with good price and give me guarantee.
  11. Hi, I now account with a problem when print the pure colour photos.When I print out photos with a big part of pure color such as a big blue sky,there will be some bright and dark bands appear on the sky part in the direction of paper transport; And the day after, when I try to print out the same photo, the bright and dark banding disappear!All is OK in the first 5 minutes, we thought the problem had been solved.But around another 5 minutes later, the banding was appear again! It was always ok in the first five minutes of printing,but got the banding after a short time later. I don't know what's the trouble with my frontier 340E. Someone could help me! Thank you. Kind regards
  12. Hi Guys, I have couple of fujifilm touchscreen kiosk computers, is it possible to somehow use them without Fujifilm server, for example with alternative photo kiosk software? I want to use it to take orders for printing large format photos on our Epson StylusJet Pro 9900. Thanks, Peter
  13. Hello Dear minilabhelp community, I'm requesting a little of your time to help me with a little problem with a [Fujifilm - Frontier 330 - slp 800 sc] minilab. Some days things are going good, no issues whatsoever and some others days (like today) things are turning very bad. No matter how many calibrations i try, it looks like the lab refuses to keep the correct settings. It happens with every paper types, every magazines and the problem appears to be totally random... Some times i can make a hundred prints without any problem and some others times, i can't do 2 or 3 in a row, without that kind of printing issues. Usually the lab gives me green(), then red(), then good() calibration test. 3 tests no more. But since a few weeks now, some pictures are turning green() or red(&) for no reasons. As You may notice, sometimes it's the whole picture, sometimes just a quarter and lately, just a little strip. I tried to recalibrate of course and the least i can tell is : that it's no working everytime... So my question is, do you think it's related to AOM Driver or Laser? I have a little idea because I looked through for forum for quite some times, but I wanted to show You examples in my case, to be "sure". Thanks in advance for any suggestions/advices!
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