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Found 105 results

  1. Hi, After leader card check, the CD temperature keeps dropping from 37.8 to... Display says: adjusting temperature, but nothing happens, it just drops. Any thoughts? Thx!
  2. Hi everyone. New to Noritsu scanners and hoping someone might have some advice. The lab I work in runs a HS-1800 (converted s4). Unfortunately we seem to be getting some strange lines on scans on occasion. It is most evident on underexposed and blank scanned frames - banding along the scan and across the whole width (35mm fogged negative shown in attachment). No amount of cleaning affects the results. From searching through forums I'm concerned it could be a CCD issue? Much appreciate your help! Cheers
  3. https://ibb.co/j2qDp9 Last Saturday we got a 100V error on our V-100. I am looking for the j340038 PCB for the film processor Noritsu V-100. Would like to know if you have it available and its price. It's been a very hard time finding the PCB. All i get is V-30s and V-50s
  4. audiomax

    Noritsu QSS 34 PRO

    Hello Noritsu club... Please help and tell me if it's possible to baypass the scanner of a QSS 3411 ? And if yes, which software do I need to install ? I'm thinking to use the printer like Frontier 7700, connected by LAN cable direct to a computer ! Thank you in advance !

    Ian Peterson

    Looking for assistance for a fault with HS-1800 Scanner. I'm getting the following error coming up: No. 01322 Connect the scanner unit. Check the power supply and connection. Suffix number Condition 00000 When the scanner maintenance software is singularly activated, the scanner unit is not connected. The scanner was removed from it's standard location for cleaning and inspection (ie: taking the covers off and blowing out dust etc). When we fire our Noritsu 3702 and Ezy Controller software up in the morning, everything runs as normal - including the LED light source lighting up ready for a calibration. As soon as we go into the Ezy Controller menu to run a calibration it come up with the above error. If we restart the software, which consequently restarts the HS-1800 at start up it will no longer fire up the LED light source. I have investigated the Scanner Driver PCB and note the LED7 is not activated as per the manuals LED7 Used when verifying DC+36V (AFC) power output ON when the power is supplied to AFC. Unfortunately from this point I have not been able to identify a process to rectify. Hoping someone may have experienced this previously, and would appreciate any guidance. Cheers Ian
  6. Mr Noritsu

    Using Ezy Controller

    We have just ordered a new 3901G as well as an additional film scanner (LS600). We will be running an LS600 on the new lab, and the HS1800 will be on a separate computer running the latest EzyController, being supplied by Noritsu. My reason for putting the LS600 direct to the 3901 is that 70% of our work is 35mm scanning and printing, and slides and 120 are more time consuming and not usually time dependent. My plan is to have 2 staff working on the lab - 1 of them scanning 35mm and printing digital files, and the other doing 120 and slides on the HS1800 with Ezycontroller. Can anyone give me an idea of how the 2 will work? We won't have the new lab for about 4 weeks, but I'm trying to get my mind around workflow. I'm guessing that the HS1800/Ezycontroller will put the files into a hotfolder which can then be printed later - or am I not understanding how it all works? Any info would be gratefully received
  7. Hello, We have a weird problem. On our deepest black color of a photo. We have just blank space with no shades just black stain. Like we add a photo to look here. When we'r doing a emulution change the problem is gone for some time when doing the daily setup it comes again on some of our papers. That stain where is darkest parts of image converts in to one black stain without any shades. Some of our papers did not calibrate the darkest shades to normal state. Paper Values from lightest is good but the darkest values the last three columns are problematic. Like one of ours emolution change on 15x21 silk paper The darkest part is (Yellow(4.00) Magenta(2.74) Cyan(3,89)) (a big difference HERE) sorry for shake When the lightest part is (Yellow(0,16) Magenta(0,15) Cyan(0,15)) The middle part is (Yellow(1,06) Magenta(1,05) Cyan(1,04)) 10cm (10x15) Kodak Mate/Gloss paper is ok. (DAILY PAPER is Gloss) 15cm (15x21) Kodak silk/gloss papers the most problematic ones 21cm (21x29,7) Fuji paper problematic too. P.S chemicals are in good condition. We'r doing daily every 3-4 days. Please contact us if you know any information akimirkanuotraukos@gmail.com Any help will be appreciated !
  8. Hi, I got a big problem with my SI-2000 unit: The unit stopped working suddenly, giving me this error on startup. Inside SI-2000 there are 2 computers, one with Windows NT and the other is with DOS. The DOS one is attached to the image acquisition PCB and controls the scanning. It seems that something went corrupted or some card is not working. Inside the DOS computer there are 2 drives: one HDD which is used as temporary memory for the scanned files, and a 40 MB SSD (early type) with only DOS operative system and the scanner software interface. i do fear that some file was corrupted, but i did a detailed scandisk on both the drives, and they do seem to work fine. So maybe it's only a software problem (i hope!) that could be fixed by replacing the files on the 40 MB SSD with some kind of backup (which is not present in the Noritsu CDs, as it covers only the NT computer). do you have any idea what could be the problem or where i can find a backup of that 40MB SSD? any help will be highly appreciated, Danilo
  9. I have a Noritsu QSS 3011 Digital printer with the scanner attachment. Negatives inserted into the scanner (from both the 35mm and medium format film carriers) read extremely blue and require a lot of yellow added to make the prints come out correctly. I thought the issue was with the negatives themselves, but flatbed scans of several different negatives show them to be properly processed with true color. I figure it has something to do with the scanner. Thoughts on a setting I can check or remedy for the situation?
  10. Hello, I seem to have a problem with the scanner section, or rather the lamp that needs changing? Supposedly it's a halogen, 150W, 15V lamp. I bought one with these exact parameters and the scanner won't take it. As it starts calibrating it, an error occurs and it stops. I tried a different one with the same result. And the problem is quite big as the current state of the scanned films is terrible. As the well lit photos are quite alright (though dull and weirdly colored), the darker ones turn out horrible (some examples of the scans in the attachments). Does anyone have any ideas what's wrong? I would like to avoid a visit from the service worker as he insists that the connections and the whole area where the lamp is is dirty and that's why. But I've cleaned it thoroughly many times and nothing's changed. Compared to my other, much older minilab, it's like night and day what comes out after it's scanned and/or printed...
  11. The rollers on my 120AFC carrier on our 3101 are all gummed up. I have bought replacement roiller kits before from Kanaou but they are out of stock. Anyone have or have any or another source? I am in US.
  12. Dear Sirs, please teach me How can Noritsu part no. Z811254-01 [ HS-1800A Conversion KIT ] improve my HS-1800 film scanner performance ? Your teaching will be highly appreciated !
  13. Hello everyone, Please I am new to the world of photo labs. I am looking to set up a photolab which I want to have web to print capabilities. That is customers are able to order prints online. I was looking for a used Noritsu 3702HD or 3701HD but those seem to be scarce in the market . Besides these which other minilabs can you recommend with as fast or faster print rate with similar image qualities and durability. Also we are looking to be able to make photobooks. I would like recommendations of very good photobook making machine out there in the market beside the chinese 10in1 options. Thanks and looking forward to some responses. Regards Kel
  14. 13ernphotography

    Noritsu 3702 Errors

    Hello! I' having various issues with my Noritsu min lab. I've check all the optics but still, the errors remains. 1.Processor A/D Conversion error. 2.Dryer Safety Thermostat. 3.Processing Solution thermostat CD : 40º, BF : 0º and STB above 600º 4.Add water to supply tank. 5.Empty effluent tank. Can you guys help please?
  15. Lab has three 3101 that we still use for production work. We have one 3101 that is set up differently than the other two and I cannot figure out where in the software the different setting or selection exists. Two 3101 run the F series software (same version) and the other runs the G series software. One machine running the F series software when the magazine runs out of paper it prompts a magazine change just like all the others do as well. BUT one 3101 allows us to run a paper emulsion balance before it continues on to the print job. The other two 3101 do not "ask" for this and I cannot for the life of me find where in the software this selection exist to change the other two machines to prompt the emulsion setup after magazine change. Getting too tedious to select no on restart and then have machine error out and I have to reload job again from where it left off. Hope that makes sense as I really could use an answer.
  16. Hello, I know that Noitsu made the S-900/1700SA workstations to support S2/S3 Scanners to run as stand alone devices. My question is, can you build one of these workstations using the PCI card from a Noritsu 3300 machine? I have an S3 and all the work components of 3300. Can you simply just create a PC using the LVDS PCI card and install the S900 software? Thanks
  17. Hi all, I bought a second hand KPK GS that came with version 8.1.1 pre-installed (but without any disk), and I can't find the "Send orders to Minilab" menu in Options management... The manual says that I should enable it with the installation CD, but I haven't any... any hints? Thanks in advance

    • FOR SALE
    • USED

    Hi, we want to sell Noritsu d1005 hr. It is not used much, as printhead defect came and previous owner did not replaced it. No any other defects, just have to be changed printhead. If someone interested, let me know. Totoal prints shown ~250k, but mostly client used it for just cat roll paper in sheets, which used for regular sheet printer. Price EUR 7500,00 (negotiable) in this condition. Based in Latvia, delivery to Germany, Poland, Sweden, Finland, Norway. If anyone interested, let me know. i can send pictures, printouts, nozzle check etc.

    7,500.00 GBP

  19. KingwoodPhotoLab

    Noritsu Calibration

    I have a Noritsu HS-1800 with various film masks. We were flooded in Harvey and a lot of my masks went under water. I was able to rebuild most of them without any trouble. I got new stepper motors and cleaned off the corrosion and they work. The problem is with my 135MMC-II slide scanner. All the components work and test fine, but it won't auto focus. I had an ex Noritsu TSR come take a look at it and he thinks he can get it working again, but says we need the calibration masks to get it to work. the Height adjustment jig A060553-01 the Scanner adjustment chart (mount) Z019668-01 the AMC emission adjustment chart Z808669-01 I'm not sure if I need all of these, but Noritsu tells me they have to order the parts from Japan and they want a lot of money for just one of the charts. I was hoping we'd be able to borrow, rent or get someone to come into our store in Houston, TX to help us out. If anywone has a 135MMC-II that they don't use any more, we'd be happy to discuss taking it off your hands. Please let me know if anyone can help. Thank you Dylan Manager Kingwood Photo Lab 281-360-8998
  20. Hello All, I had a problem with my computer and I had to reinstall the software K. My problem is that I bought my lab used and I do not see the profile CD. So I would need it to reinstall properly. Thanks!
  21. Photoxport

    QSS Green Duplex


    • FOR SALE
    • NEW

    The QSS Green is a fully automatic duplex system and is the latest in our long line of innovative dry minilab systems. Powerful, versatile, and compact, the QSS green is built to handle any situation. In addition to all the features that have made the QSS brand so popular, the QSS Green raises the bar in terms of environmental friendliness and print variety and is poised to become the new de-facto standard model for photo businesses. The Green supports an amazing 69.2" paper advance and the ability to change the height of the print stage at will, allowing you an incredible amount of paper and printing media options.


  22. Photoxport

    Noritsu Green II


    • FOR SALE
    • NEW

    QSS Green II Inkjet System The QSS Green II is the next step in the evolution of Noritsu inkjet printers. Versatile, fast, and energy efficient, the Green II has the speed to keep up with demanding volume, along with the capability of producing a wide array of specialty products. With support for paper up 10 12" wide in both roll and sheet format, the Green II is ready for any situation.


  23. AAA Imaging SOlutions

    Noritsu LS600 filmscanner


    • FOR SALE
    • USED

    Noritsu LS-600 film scanner - 35mm & APS Scans upto 12"x18" - "Stand alone scanner" We will provide you will the LS-600 software and twain drivers so you can use it on your PC computer. You will need to have PhotoShop, Picasa or some software like that to use it as a stand alone scanner. Other wise you would need to buy the EZ Controler softeware. Includes: 1 - Noritsu LS-600 scanner: Used - seller tested and refurbished 1 - Power adapter & cord: Used 1 - USB Cable: Used 1 - LS-600 Software on CD: New 90 day warranty: Return or replacement

    950.00 GBP

  24. Our racks are gradually making each of the two prints in a lane tilt diagonally. By the time the prints exit the dryer they have corner damage on the corners that were leading. Is there a method of turning this machine single track as our center prints do not exhibit this issue. We are not looking forward to having to replace every single processor roller to correct this problem and are willing to try whatever is necessary. Thank you.

    • FOR SALE
    • NEW

    Spare Parts for Noritsu and Fujifilm More than for 23 years we have been selling the high-Quality Spare Parts for all minilabs made in Japan! We have a Platinum dealer status at Noritsu Koki Co. Ltd and Fujifilm Co.Ltd. so we can offer you the spare parts with very attractive prices. Hundreds of customers around the globe use our service. If you need any spare parts for your lab, all you need is to send us your inquiry and we will quote you at the same or next day with actual stock information. All parts will be delivered in short period of time from Noritsu or Fujifilm warehouse (Japan) directly to your office by EMS or any other major express delivery service (DHL/UPS/Fedex/TNT). We also sell: - AOM drivers made in Russia by us ( read more here: https://www.minilablaser.com/aomdrivers ) - AOM crystals - laser modules ( read more here: https://www.minilablaser.com/lasers ) - MLVA units - iBeam unit - laser unit and parts for repair lasers - software for all minilabs - manuals for all manuals and ready to help you to have your lab running.... NOTE: Lots different used or the brand new PCB are available for urgent delivery to you. We accept payments by T/T to our bank account and Paypal, VISA/MASTERCARD or Western Union. Please send your list with your order in Excel to : parts@minilablaser.com or just fill the form here: https://www.minilablaser.com/spareparts-order-form Just compare our prices with the prices of your supplier and join the club!

    10.00 GBP