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Found 8 results

  1. I am in need of the Scanner Adjustment Chart #Z022046-01 for the Crop Card attachment for the Noritsu MFC carrier. Can anyone help me with this? Thanks in advance. Ted Nichols, New Hope Photo, New Hope, PA USA
  2. Hello, I know that Noitsu made the S-900/1700SA workstations to support S2/S3 Scanners to run as stand alone devices. My question is, can you build one of these workstations using the PCI card from a Noritsu 3300 machine? I have an S3 and all the work components of 3300. Can you simply just create a PC using the LVDS PCI card and install the S900 software? Thanks
  3. Hey everyone, I've got a Noritsu 3300 with an S3 scanner. My usual processing is to scan negatives to TIFF, Quality 3, BASE 16 with Index printout. I'm finding that the machine won't start to take up the next roll of film until the last index is generated in printed out. This can take up 1-3 minutes which delays the process. I've looked at the process monitor on the computer and the CPU doesn't seem to be processing much. Is it possible the machine waits to print or it's being processed elsewhere? Is there way to be able to continue scanning and bank up the processing or can the machine only handle one scan job at a time. If anyone could let me know if there are any possibility to increase scan speed or perhaps increase speed of index generating . Thank you
  4. I have one QSS-3300 . The “S-3” Film scanner is now having the same error no. 1314 [ Light source evenness is out of allowable range] every light source setup . We have followed the Corrective Action to clean the parts in the Light Source Section and Photometry Section, referring to machine manual, but this error no. remains everyday. Please Help.
  5. Hello everyone, I purchased a 3502 machine recently and it currently has a S1-II connected to it. I am yet to pick it up, I will be doing so in a couple weeks. My current setup is a 3300 with a S3 scanner. I am wondering if my S3 scanner is compatible with the 3502 machine? Or do I need any specific software for it to run on it? Thanks, Rewind Photo Lab
  6. Hey there, I"ve got a Noritsu 3300 + S3 Scanner and I've been getting these image artifacts when viewed at 100%. See example images. Is there some software issue I'm dealing with or is it just how these scanners produce? Thanks
  7. I am looking to get a Noritsu scanner, but I am curious if the S2 or S3 models can run standalone, or if it needs to be connected to a printer to operate.
  8. Hello does anyone have the software and install instructions for a Noritsu S3 film scanner? Thanks in advance
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